A new on-demand service, launched by the Supreme Court, has made recordings of cases available to watch online.

Dubbed the "legal iPlayer", the new service is accessible free of charge and is to serve as an educational tool for legal professionals and law students alike. The Supreme Court hope that the initiative will also help cut transcript costs, opting for digital storage as the sector continues it's modernisation.

Footage of proceedings is planned to be released the day after their conclusion, and is to remain available for approximately 12 months. Once judgement is delivered, the footage of the summary will be published along with the full judgement text and press summary.

Supreme Court president Lord Neuberger has said that the service will allow people to see the background behind the decisions made in court.

‘Now justice can be seen to be done at a time which suits you.

‘The archive will help people see the background to decisions made in our highest appeal court. It will also be useful to the legal profession and serve as an informative tool for those considering a career in the law," he added.

The service will be funded by the court until March 16th, at which point it's continued existence will be 'reviewed in the light of user feedback and the court’s other spending priorities’.

The Supreme Court has an existing live streaming service, which has been used by about 15,000 people each month since its launch in October 2014.